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The Indisposables Bed Pads, a unique 3 layer bed pad which is cool, washable, incredibly absorbent and protects your mattress. They can be used postpartum, during your period, for incontinence or for just plain comfort.

Crib Pad - 28 x 52 / 72.5 x 130 cm
Twin Bed Pad - 39” x 75” / 90 x 180 cm
Double Bed Pad - 54” x 75”/ 135 x 195 cm
Queen Bed Pad - 60” x 80”/ 150 x 200 cm
Hospital Bed Pad - 40 x 80 / 100 x 200 cm

Testimonial from Jan who has been a customer since 2004:

I can highly recommend Indisposables waterproof bed pads.  We have been using them for over a dozen years, and the initial ones are still in use!  Each year we purchase one or two more, and cycle the older ones to back up use.  We cover any mattresses ‘at risk’ with an older bed pad, then put on a sheet, then put a newer one on top.  Usually only the top bed pad has to be washed, though occasionally things move around, and soak through.  We have yet to have a wet spot on the mattress as this system gives us back up protection

 We launder in a front loader machine, taking care to wrap the pads so the waterproof layer is on the inside; this helps the spin cycle work  effectively.  We hang the pads to dry whenever possible, and this helps lengthen their lives too I suspect.

 I highly recommend this product for anyone with incontinence or overflow issues; the quality make the cost worthwhile.

Jan  (Peterborough)