About Us

The Indisposables™ Cloth Diaper was created in 1986 and has been diapering baby bottoms ever since! 

Company History

Mary-Ann McMartin, our founder and President was first introduced to this awesome cloth diaper in 1990 when her second child was one year old.

Starting out as an Authorized Sales Consultant (and running her own cloth diaper service), she worked her way up and was appointed to the position of Regional Manager in 1994.

Eventually, in 1999, Mary-Ann became the National Sales Manager and was responsible for supervising, recruiting, and training the home-based Authorized Consultant Sales Force.

And all the time she was still promoting the Indisposables™ Cloth Diaper and all of the wonderful accessory products that become part of the product line!

In 2001, an opportunity knocked, and with a leap of faith, Mary-Ann bought the distribution rights for the Indisposables™ line and My Lil’ Miracle Inc. was born. By the end of 2005, My Lil’ Miracle Inc. was also the manufacturer and sole owner of our beloved Indisposables™ Cloth Diaper.  

The Owner

Many people have asked Mary-Ann McMartin why she named her company "My Lil' Miracle."

This is what she says:

"It came from several places actually. The main reason I choose this name is because I felt it would be a miracle if I could put a Company together fast enough to service you, the customer, in the way you wanted with the premium products you wanted.

It is also a Miracle because . . .
  • Every parent who has a tiny newborn baby placed in their arms knows what a miracle new life is.
  • Every baby diapered in cloth saves the environment by keeping 1.4 tons of non-biodegradable waste from our landfill sites.
  • We are saving our trees, a natural resource which we should not take for granted.

    If truth be told I had very little to do with the growth and success of My Lil' Miracle. It was Divine Intervention and that is indeed 'A Lil’ Miracle.'"


    By the end of 2005, Mary-Ann had revived the Quality Care™ Line and now has a full line of adult incontinent products available.  

    My Lil’ Miracle Inc. has independent distributors across Canada and the United States and also distributes to Europe. If you would like more information about becoming part of our home-based independent distributors please click on the link provided.