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Indisposables Organic Cloth Diaper

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The Indisposables line of Organic reusable cloth diapers, diaper covers and accessories for your baby and toddler.
Diapers are sold by the dozen - unbleached organic cotton with velcro closures.

Indisposables Cloth Diapers are now available with 100% Organic Flannel.

We’re proud of our award-winning, North American Made Indisposables™ Cloth Diaper! It is an easy to use, easy to care for, highly durable, extra absorbent, and very comfortable reusable cotton diaper.

Our hour-glass shaped diaper has a 100% Organic cotton flannelette exterior.  The elastic is sewn into the waist (both front and back) and leg openings, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit (as well as helping to contain those messy bowel movements). The absorbent inner layer is a combination rayon/polyester pad. The adjustable front closures are available with highly durable Aplix hook and loop

Small (up to 20 lbs / 9 kg)
Large (20 - 35 lbs / 9 - 16 kg)

Color Choices: Natural Unbleached Organic Flannel
Closures - Aplix Hook & Loops

Please follow the
Washing/Care Instructionsfor proper care of your cloth diapers.  Individual results may vary.

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